Corio Killing

You have to ask what the world is coming to. I hope that there is much more to this story than what has been reported so far. Geelong Advertiser has reported it as this, a guy goes to get coke and is killed on his way home.

I would suggest that these two were up to no good and this guy seen them or that they knew him and that they had a previous arguement. The truth is that really needs to be something like this. The other option is that they killed this bloke for fun.

One of these guys was on bail for shooting a group of people outside McDonald’s in town; he fires a gun at people then gets bail. The judge has a lot to answer for. Why would you give a bloke that is that reckless bail. Just asking for something like this to happen.

Corio as an area really needs some attention as we are starting to get a few stories like this from out there. The other week a guy was shot for kicking a gate.

No sure what the answers are but what is happening needs to stop.

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Vista Death Watch

I was recently watching an episode of Cranky Geeks and John was talking about his article ‘Vista Death Watch”

It amazes me the bad press that Vista gets; i have used at both work and home and have had no real problms at all. At work I was the first to upgrade my laptop to Vista Business, I was able to install and source drivers without a problem. Had it up and running n our domain, not drama’s. The only issue i had was the Trand Anti-virus, thats it.

My laptop is two years old and in the end i went back to XP basically because it wasn’t up to specs. The specs required are high but it is a new OS!

However fellow workers with new laptops or desktops on which i have installed Vista have not had, looks great, easy install and cnfiguration. i leave the UAC turned on so they have to think about crashing it.

I have Vista Media Centre set up at home and it is by far the best PVR software out there, i recommend it over anything else ie MythTV or KnoppMyth etc and much better than Windows MCE 2005.

My spesc are Core 2 Duo 6400 @ 2.13GHz, 2GB RAM, 730Gb HHD space, 256MB nVidia GeForce 8500 GT.

However, having said all that my mother is getting her first laptop and i would recommend XP to her, why? Well it is my mother and it is her first PC, i want it to be a rewarding experince and for some-one new to computers better to stick with the ‘stable’ XP

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Hooligans at the Cricket

Last year I went with my wife to a One Day match at the MCG. AUS V ENG, turned out to be a very unentaining match as AUS held sway all night and the result was never in doubt.

Th night was completely ruined by hooligans and the mexican wave. I go to the cricket to watch the cricket not to watch drunken idoits get arrested or try to get arrested. Refer to here for an example. I don’t have a problem with the beach ball being tossed about or people chanting about the game.

However during the mexican wave all sorts of stuff was being thrown about. Siting behind us was a young famity whos kids were literally screaming with fear as objects fell all around. Three rows back a girl was hit with something.

I think the majority of people throwing stuff don’t have the mental ability to understand cricket and to sit still for long enough to watch even a one dayer. Pretty poor reflecting on Aussie society.

I can just imagine what happens at the Twenty20 cricket!

I fully support the banning of the mexican wave, i believe that the cops should each spot one person who throws something and toss that person out, the more this happens the less the mexican wave will happen!

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While i must admit that i have not read the orginial article, I must say that nothing this bloke says (or does) surprises me anymore.

I do not know him personally and only have the media to go by – so i could be completey wrong!

Having said that he is just not some-one I could encourage my son to be like.

What am I talking about?

Well this time he has bagged the former Australian crickt coach John Buchanan. Refer to here for newspaper article. The guy may well be a ‘goose’ in Shane’s opoinion however in the minds of others he may be a genius. I know that Shane’s ideas on these things are much sort after but do we need to hear that he is a ‘goose’. Surely just saying something like ‘we never got along’ or ‘we had different ideas’ would have been enough.

What is Shane Warnes’ definion of ‘goose’. Is it a stable, well spoken and loyal individual? Because I would use all those words to described John Buchanan.

I can understand why Gilchrist is upset, the baggygreen is an elite club. Over the years the members of it have proven themselves, for the most part, to be stable, well spoken and loyal individuals. It is a shame that not all ex-Australia players are able to live up to that standard.

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